CMUH Training Programme Information                      
Due to the Pandemic and the current rules of the Ministries of Health & Forein Affairs,
we are temporarily not accept the interns of non-citizens.
As for the licensed practitioners, we accept on certain condition only;
for more information, please contact the email below.
 (1) For Applicants:                                                                                                
Medical Observership 
For students seeking elective placements & internships
--> Read all eligibility requirements in [Form 1 - Observer Application]
And completed the form in the following link with all supporting document scans in PDF format :
Fellowship & Residency
For Licensed Practitioners (Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, etc.) seeking clinical fellowship (registrar) or residency (senior house officer)
--> Read all eligibility requirements in [Form 2 - F&R Application]
And completed the form in the following link with all supporting document scans in PDF format :
Application FAQs - click here
Should you have any question, please contact the following mail: (Mr M.E. Lee)
 (2) For Arriving Trainees:                                                                                     
Your start date and arrival time is stated on the admission letter.
Please first report to the Department of Education on the first day for registration and check-in to the dormitory (if applicable),
Before arriving, download and read the visitor guidelines [CMUH Visitors Guide] for detailed information regarding Taiwan and the Hospital.
You are responsible for all Taiwan Visa related matters. The Hospital has the right to rescind admission for training on failure to obtain valid Visa or failure to submit required Health Screening Reports and Proof of Travel Insurance.
 (3) For Departing Trainees:                                                                                  
Download and fill the [Trainee Evaluation Form], elaborating on training details and your comments. Pass the completed form to your preceptor or department head.
On the last day, report to the Department of Education to return your ID Badge, Dorm Key (if applicable), and receive your certificate of completion.
Be aware of your Visa or Alien Residence Card (ARC) expiration date, failure to exit Taiwan on time will result in fines issued by Taiwan Immigration and denial of future re-entry.
Please help us improve the programme for future trainees by giving valueable feedback:
   Additional Information:                                               
CMU Children's Hospital
CMUH International Centre
Taichung Immigration Service Centre 
Ministry of Finance Alien Individual Income Tax
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